Friday, March 12, 2010

First Project

For the past two weeks, my students in Humor and Satire have been reading The Taming of the Shrew. The play is an interesting play because of the issues that it brings up and the ability to use humor while diving into these issues. I posed the question as to whether they thought the play was sexist or not and if so then why would he write it. I wanted to give the students some options as to how they wanted to answer the question. Some of the groups did newspapers, comparison glogs, television shows, and a soundtrack.

The students liked the freedom. They liked choosing their assignment. They liked working together in groups. They liked using the netbooks.

I didn't like the amount of time the assignment took. I didn't like that one group did a lot of the work outside of class, so I didn't see the process that they went through, even though their final project was pretty good. I didn't like the lack of depth that the students took on the question. I didn't like that all of the groups took the easy answer, "Yes it is sexist." I didn't like the difficulty of making sure they were on task.